SimplyMe provides you with evidence-based scientific analysis of your health in the here and now. As part of our user-friendly design, we provide you with simplified health ratings to let you know how well you are tracking.

After the minimum data requirements have been met, we'll analyse the data from your wearable device in addition to the information you provide (body measurements and mood check-ins) to calculate each of your ratings and provide you with personalised insights that are tailored to you.  

These ratings are displayed on your SimplyMe dashboard next to each health category, as seen in the image below.

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Selecting one of the health categories on your dashboard will open up a detailed summary page with more information about your rating and what your data reveals about your health.

Should you receive an amber or red light just remember that your ratings aren’t designed to reprimand you, make you feel guilty, or embarrass you – quite the opposite. They function to keep you well-informed and to encourage you to keep striving towards a healthier life.