You may have noticed that your Exercise Rating is green but your intense or moderate minutes are yet to change from red or amber.

The good news is you’re not cheating… phew! Your overall Activity Rating is based on a combination of both your Intense and Moderate Exercise Minutes - meaning if you hit the weekly exercise recommendation between the two, you’re in the clear!

Here's an example: 

Trevor’s 2 hours of moderate exercise in the garden
didn’t quite earn him a green rating - the recommendation is 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. He did however, chase his neighbour’s cat for 5 minutes every morning… and this intense exercise across the week helped him achieve his activity goal.

His individual Moderate and Intense Exercise Ratings would show as amber. But combine them, and he’s a lean, green, exercise machine!  

Our advice? Aim to make AT LEAST one of your exercise ratings green: Moderate OR Intense. E.g. if your rating for Intense Exercise is green, then it’s OK if your Moderate Exercise rating is not - just don’t ignore it completely! When it comes to exercise, a blend of intensities is best