When it comes to your Exercise Minutes rating, one of the requirements is a minimum of 14 days of data within a 4-complete-week rolling time-window. What is a 4-complete-week rolling-time window? Besides being a mouthful to pronounce, it's the time frame we use to determine what data to use and what data to exclude when we calculate your rating.  

We define a complete week as 7 whole days from Monday to Sunday. This means that your exercise minutes from the current week will not be included in your rating until the following Monday. 

Confused? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s look at the calendar below and imagine that today is Wednesday March 3 (highlighted in green). The yellow-highlighted weeks represent the 4-complete-week rolling time-window.  

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This 4-complete-week rolling time-window starts on Monday Feb 1 and ends on Sunday Feb 28. The exercise minutes recorded in your wearable device app during this time frame will be included in our analysis.

Exercise minutes recorded during the current week - March 1 to March 7 - are not yet included in your rating. In other words, if you complete 30-minutes excercise today those 30 minutes are not included in your Weekly Exercise Minutes rating YET. Because right now, today is part of an incomplete week. But please read on!

Rolling time-window explained

Try as we might to fight it, each day everything grows older - and your data is no exception! Every Monday starts a new week, and with that, the 4-complete-week time-window rolls over (hence why it's called a rolling time-window). As the time-window rolls over a week, the data from the oldest complete week expires to make way for the newly completed week. Out with the old, in with the new!

Back to our example.

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It's now Monday March 8 and the new week has begun. We can see above that the 4-complete-week time-window has rolled over one week. The older data from the week February 1 to February 7 has expired to make way for the new data from the most recent complete week March 1 to March 7. Those hard-earned 30 minutes from Wednesday March 3 will NOW be included in your rating.

As soon as we receive 14 days of data over 3 weeks within the 4-complete-week time-window we’ll be lighting up your rating!