You’re keen and eager to embark on your Health journey with us but where on earth is that email with the unique activation code?!

Want to know the number 1 reason our users don't receive an activation code?

You guessed it, it's a typo in their email address! And the bad news... pressing resend 30 times will only send the activation code to the same incorrect address.

The solution? Logout and try signing up again making sure your email address is 100% accurate.

If you're absolutely sure your email address is correct and the activation email is nowhere to be found, then take a look in:

1. Your SPAM or JUNK inbox

2. Your PROMOTIONS inbox if you’re using a Gmail account.

3. An alternative inbox (did you attempt to sign up from your work email instead of your personal one?)

Searched high and low but still no luck?

If you're still having difficulties it could be that your email domain is blocking the delivery.

Not to worry - just contact us here making sure you include the email address and we'll look into it for you!