We know that your health isn’t compartmentalised, it’s interconnected. How does your step count affect your mood? How does your BMI affect your sleep efficiency? We crunch the numbers so you can learn more about the what, why and how of your health. 

SimplyMe analyses your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin data to help you manage and improve your overall health and fitness. 

Just like the dashboard of your car tells you when the fuel tank is empty, or the engine needs oil, your SimplyMe human dashboard interconnects 5 categories of your health (Mind, Heart, Sleep, Weight and Activity) to inform you about where you're at now, and how to move towards better health.

There’s so much hype in the tech world about tracking health. How many steps am I taking? How long am I sleeping? What’s my heart rate? But what do these numbers actually mean? Our team of data scientists put the puzzle pieces together for you. We’ll let you know if your stats are within a healthy range for your age, what this means for your risk of disease, and we’ll make suggestions to help improve your health.