If you're reading this then you've probably noticed a difference between the information displayed on your summary pages compared to the information displayed in your personalised insights.

This discrepancy is because the summary page and the insight use different data time-frames to calculate the average figure they display.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this.

Below is a screenshot of a standard Activity summary page. This summary page displays your average daily step count (highlighted here in the red box). This average is calculated on a daily basis by analysing your step count data from the most recent 28 days.


 A screenshot of a social media post

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Next, you might have noticed that your Insight displays a lower average daily step count to that shown on the above summary page.

The insight step count average is different to the summary page average because it was calculated using the 28 days of data prior to the date of the insight.

The individual’s average step count has increased since the date of the insight - this is why the summary page (which is updated daily) is displaying a higher average than the insight.

If you still have a feeling that something isn’t right, simply drop our support team a line here including your linked email address and we’ll be happy to take a closer look for you.